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Looking for website templates? Helpful freebies? Discounts on my favorite business softwares? You've come to the right place! I've compiled the ultimate list of my favorite resources to help you run your business, launch your website, and more! 

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Want to just test drive a template before committing? No problem! Just download the homepage for the Marigold template for FREE and try it out with Showit's 14-day free trial. Once you fall in love, come back and get the rest of the template for 20% off!

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free homepage template.

Wanting to spruce up your website, but aren't ready to invest in a designer? I've made these templates just for you! Easily customize one of my Showit website templates to your unique business and hit launch!


Showit website templates.


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So you've got your shiny new branding and are super pumped - but what do you do next? Download this free checklist that will guide you through every step of implementing your new branding!


brand launch checklist

This is the exact template I give to my clients who prefer to write their own website copy! This 20-page template will help you craft a website that will speak to your audience, promote your services, and make your business shine!


website copy-writing template.

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Your first impression comes from the homepage - so make it count! Kickstart your website copywriting and captivate your audience with with this free copywriting template for your homepage.


homepage copy-writing template.

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Running a business is hard, but these programs make my life easier. Check out my list of all-time favorite business programs and softwares - and save a penny or two!


Dubsado is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that I love to use for all of my invoicing, enquiry forms, questionnaires, and contracts. 

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Showit is my all-time favorite website designer software. You have complete creative freedom with no coding experience necessary!


Flodesk is THE number one tool when it comes to growing your email list. From email marketing, to freebie sign-ups, to website popups - it's got it all!


Tailwind is a game-changer when it comes to managing my Pinterest. I take just an hour or two and I've scheduled all my pins for an entire month!


If I'm being honest - I would not be able to run my business without Asana. From client communication, submitting designs, to project management - Asana's got it all.


Memberspace is my #1 go-to when creating members-only pages on my client's sites. It's easy to set up, extremely customizable, and has phenomenal customer service!


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When I'm not working with my clients, I'm constantly pumping out blog posts, educational newsletters, and other ways to give a boost to my fellow entrepreneuers out there. I'm all about providing simple but potent branding and website strategies that will turn your online presence into the strongest salesperson on your team!